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Parents say students love the SciTech STEM Discovery Academy!

"My son enrolled here in the fall and loves going everyday. The teachers are great and the Head of School, Julie is fabulous. She has worked so hard this year to bring in new ideas. The person that writes the curriculum is from NIU and UIC. She also writes for Nickelodeon!! She does really cool science experiments with the kids. I did not want my son to just go learn about numbers and colors. This preschool is teaching the kids to love learning.It is exposing them to so much cool stuff that when they see it later on in school they will already be comfortable! I think there is only two STEM preschools in the country and this is one of them! They also get schlorships that could help people on a tight budget so don't be afraid to ask!! Best decision I ever made as a parent was sending him here!" 

- Kelly LeFevre, President of Kele & Co.

We came to SciTech STEM Discovery Academy because our daughter was not being challenged within the Montessori experience. My wife did her research and networking. We discovered SciTech STEM Discovery Academy in the Aurora area. Over the past two years, we have experienced a robust expansion of our daughter's vocabulary as compared with her playmates. We are very impressed with the full spectrum of  the arts, science, math and reading she is learning at the Academy. Thank you SciTech STEM Discovery Academy for giving our child a leap in her educational development.


-Jerald Gordon, President of First Care Health Services



I enrolled my son at SciTech STEM Discovery Academy because I want him to be more challenged and motivated than in a regular preschool. His first week, he came home with maps of the world. He was able to name the continents and explain longitude and latitude to me. This school has exceeded our expectations for his education. We are pleasantly surprised every time he shares what he learned. My son is so proud to attend the school, and learn things that 'only big kids know', as he likes to say!


My only regret is that it wasn't around when my older children were attending preschool.


-Farrah Qazi, J.D., Attorney at Law Qazi Law Offices





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