On Saturday, January 27, 2018 come imagine, explore and discover what fractals are and where they can be found in the world around us! There will be Hands On activities for children to participate in and to create their own fractals to take home.

Meet Mr. Freeze!

At 1:00 pm, meet FermiLab physicist Jerry Zimmerman and his educational alter-ego, Mr. Freeze!

“Cryogenics is not the science of crying, but it is the science of extreme cold.” Using liquid nitrogen, Mr. Freeze will conduct several experiments designed to get the kids interested in science while at the same time making jokes as well as plenty of noisy cracks, booms and bubbles.

The show is open to everyone and is included in admission to SciTech Hands On Museum.

Children can also do some Hands On exploration with fractals, like learning how to engineer their own pop-up 3D fractal images.  Stay tuned for more details about our planned frigid fun!

Admission for Super SciTech Saturday is FREE for children (up to 4 children admissions with a paying adult). Activity tickets can be purchased for $1 each. All the activities can be done for only $5!