STEM Sleepovers

During a STEM Sleepover your group will have the entire museum to themselves! Scouts and their families can imagine, explore and discover over 200 interactive exhibits.
Students will discover how air, water, Earth, and Sun interact to produce our weather and climate. Concepts discussed include, but are not limited to: density, mass, temperature, water cycle, electricity and conduction, 4 states of matter, Bernoulli’s Principle.

Designed for grade levels K-12

Students will explore the interconnected relationship between electricity and magnets. Create lightning with a Tesla Coil, learn about Lenz’s Law, and induce electrical currents and magnetic fields through conductors and insulators. Concepts discussed include, but are not limited to: electricity, magnetism, induction, circuits, conductors and insulators, plasma phase of matter, static electricity, electromagnets, permanent and temporary magnets.

Designed for grade levels K-10

Fantastic Flying Machines: Learn how airplanes fly through hands-on activities and demonstrations.  Put your knowledge to the test by building a flying machine and test it in the vertical wind tunnel. Imagination Playground Engineers: Use SciTech’s Imagination Playground to complete various engineering challenges.  Compete against your friends to see who can build the best house, car or spaceship. Bridge Builders: Learn about the different types of bridges and what makes each one unique.  After that challenge your friends to see who can build the strongest bridge.
What is a bug? Students will discuss the differences between insects and arachnids, create a model of an insect’s life cycle, and explore body structures such as the compound eye. A brief introduction of how scientists communicate through scientific nomenclature also will be discussed. Concepts discussed include, but are not limited to: comparative anatomy, ecology, scientific nomenclature.

Designed for grade levels K-5

This is an explosive and chemically reactive experience where students will learn about the different types of chemical and physical reactions, states of matter, and how the pH scale is used in their daily lives. One lucky student will get to take home the polymer muffin! Concepts discussed include, but are not limited to: physical and chemical reactions, endothermic and exothermic reactions, combustion, polymer science, pH, buffer solutions, chemical engineering, materials science.

Designed for grade levels 1-12

Your STEM Sleepover includes:

  • Activities from 6pm – 9pm
  • A Pizza Dinner
  • One hour of hands-on STEM programming of your choice
  • Late night snack
  • Breakfast in the morning with juice, coffee, fruit and doughnuts.
  • Museum exploration time (at night and in the morning)
  • Access to the STEAMart Gift Shop with gizmos, gadgets and gifts to go!
  • Sleeping Bag and/or Air mattress
  • Pillow
  • Flashlight
  • Ear plugs
  • Camera
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Washcloth
  • Warm comfortable clothing to sleep in
  • Minimum Required: 25 children / 25 adults
  • Fee: $45 per child
  • Adults: $25 per adult
  • Schedule: Friday and Saturday
  • Deposit: Yes $500 or 20%.  The date is not locked in until 50% payment is made. SciTech will call you if another group is looking at that date. Full payment must be made before day of.
  • Rebooking Fee: $75

Request Information

For more information please contact us at or call us at 630-859-3434 x230.  If you’re ready to register for an event fill out this short form and we will contact you soon.