Museum Overnights


The Science Fun will last All Night Long!

Themed Overnights

Schedule your themed Overnight today! Choose a theme from our offerings.

  • Basic Package Overnight
    • Includes themed decorations and activity, a guided Exhibit Exploration Tour through one of SciTech’s interactive museum collections, and self-guided exploration through all of SciTech’s collections.
    • $45 per child, $25 per adult
  • Deluxe Package Overnight
    • Upgrade your Basic Package with a Discovery Hour lab
    • $55 per child, $25 per adult

Investigate how air, water, Earth, and Sun interact to produce our weather. Discover the power of air, how lightning is formed, and create your own tornado.

Set off our combustion cannon, create elephant’s toothpaste, discover the science behind phosphorescent light and optics, and create a polymer muffin.

Discover our Living Ecology collection of critters, including out Freshwater Ecosystem aquarium and our genuine, safe observation honey bee hive. Discover the difference between insects and arachnids, and get the behind the scenes tour of how we care for our animals and plants.

Discover the Earth’s surface, the rocks and minerals that make it up, and make your own fossil.

Explore the relationship between electricity and magnets. Create lightning with a Tesla Coil, induce electrical currents and magnetic fields, and create your own magnetic putty to take home.

Design your own flying contraptions and test it in our vertical wind tunnel.

Explore how we hear, discover why sound travels differently through a solid, liquid, or gas, and design your own musical instrument.

Experience the universe up-close in our planetarium and explore the technology of humans in space.

2015 SciTech Museum Overnight Schedule:

Time Activity
6:00 pm The Museum doors open: campers will be greeted by the SciTech museum staff at check in.
6:30-7:15pm Pizza and Juice, YUMMM!
7:15-7:45pm Guided Exhibit Exploration
7:45-10:30pm Activity time (length based on Basic or Deluxe Package), Snack and Open Exploration of the museum.
10:30-11:00pm Getting ready for bed!
11:00pm Lights Out!
7:30-8:30am A tasty wake up! Granola Bars, Fresh Fruit, Donuts, Juices and Hot coffee, yum!
8:30-9:00am Explore your favorite exhibits one last time!
9:00am Say goodbye to your new friends at SciTech Museum and head home after a fun Overnight at SciTech Museum

You Should Bring:

  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pillow
  • Flashlight
  • Camera
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Washcloth
  • Warm comfortable clothing to sleep in

Questions about SciTech Overnights? Call 630.859.3434 ext. 216 or Email

An “Overnight at SciTech Museum” is a special opportunity to explore SciTech Museum after dark.

Your group or family can experience a whole night full of Scitastic Fun that is sure to be memorable!


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