All of the experience and resources of SciTech’s STEM Academy are now available to the public through our Early Learning Center!

Little Learner Labs are a chance for our littlest learners to imagine, explore, and discover the world around them in a safe hands on environment. In these drop-off labs, housed in SciTech’s new Early Learning Center, children will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of scientific topics with a hands on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) approach.  Parents can sign up their little learners for either one or both sessions for the week. Each lab will offer different activities and discussions about the week’s topic.

Human Body - February 6th & 8th

Explore the many systems of the human body and how they all work together to allow us to live. Little learners will have a hands on opportunity to explore how the brain and heart works. Children will also discover the parts that make up blood and what their jobs are to keep us alive.

Wild Animal Adventure - March 6th & 8th

Lions, and Tigers and Bears OH MY! Come on a wild animal adventure and learn about how animals are classified into five categories and what makes them all unique. Also explore the many different habitats that those critters call home. This will be one WILD time!

Wacky Weather - April 3rd & 5th

Have you ever wondered what clouds are made of? Or how lighting is formed? In this lab, little learners will explore these questions and many more about our wonderful wacky weather!

Brainy Botanists - May 1st & 3rd

Spring has sprung and gardens are in bloom with fabulous flowers. Come and explore the life cycle of a plant, what the parts of plants do, what plants need to grow and even have the opportunity to plant  your own mini garden to take home.

Fantastic Food - February 20th & 22nd

Munch munch! Crunch crunch! Explore the fantastic food groups that help keep our bodies healthy and strong. Little learners will have the opportunity to learn through hands on discovery what foods are good for their bodies and why. They will even have an opportunity  to  speak to a health care professional and learn what they do in their jobs!

Soundsational Music - March 20th & 22nd

Come and explore the world of sound! Learn about the inner workings of the human ear and how it allows us to hear the sounds around us. Little learners will also be learning about and creating their own musical instruments to take home!  

Fabulous Flight - April 17th & 19th

Soar, tumble and dive right into this high flying lab! Little learners will learn how airplanes fly and explore what Bernoulli’s Principle is through hands on activities. Create your flying machine and test it in SciTech’s vertical wind tunnel!

Investigating Insects - May 15th & 17th

Did you know that there are more insects on Earth than humans?! Explore the life cycle and body parts of an insect, create your own insect out of recycled materials, and even dissect a grasshopper!  

Program details

Parents: SciTech’s  Little Learner Labs allow parents to drop their little scientist off for two hours of hands on fun! No parents needed! However, parents are welcome to observe if they wish. Please let us know if you plan on joining us.

Participants should be between 3-6 years old. All children must be able to use the bathroom independently without SciTech  staff assistance.

Times: 10:00 am until 12:00pm

Location: SciTech’s Early Learning Center

Price: $25 per session (non member) $20 per session (member)

Please note: this does NOT include admission to the museum.

Discounts:  Booking multiple sessions? Use code LLLmult

Little Learner Lab Policies

Payment and Discounts

All registrations are final upon receipt of payment. Discount levels CANNOT be combined.

Cancellation Policies

All registrations are FINAL upon receipt of payment, and refunds will NOT be issued to any parent/guardian who wishes to cancel registration. Enrollment in individual sessions are final. Parents/guardians may not “switch” their child to another session after registration is finalized.

SciTech Hands On Museum reserves the right to cancel a camp session for any reason. If your camp session is cancelled by SciTech, SciTech will refund the full cost of the camp session. SciTech will NOT offer full or partial refunds in the event that a student is sick, absent, or was otherwise dismissed from the program.

SciTech will not issue refunds due to weather cancellations.

Drop off and Pick Up

We ask that all children be dropped off and picked up promptly. You may arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to class starting. Adults must pick their child up on time from the class. Beginning at 12:05 pm, according to SciTech’s clock, there will be a $15 charge for every five (5) minutes late. Please call to inform SciTech staff in the case of tardiness.  In the event of an emergency some exceptions may be made.

Bathroom use and Toilet Training

All children must be able to use the bathroom independently without SciTech  staff assistance. A bathroom is located in the classroom for easy access. If your child has an accident, you and/or your emergency contacts will be contacted immediately to assist your child. SciTech staff will not enter a bathroom with your child, help with bathroom needs at any time, or change a child’s clothing.

Medical Waiver

SciTech employees are not allowed to give any participant medication. If your child should need medication during the program they must be able to administer it themselves. If your child should have a minor injury while at Little Learner Labs,a SciTech employee will administer basic first aid (bandages, ice packs, ect). A parent/guardian will be called for any major injury, greater than a minor bump or scratch. For severe injuries, SciTech will call paramedics first.

Photo Policies

I/we Agree to grant SciTech Hands On Museum, its staff, the right to take photographs of my child in connection with SciTech Little Learner Labs. I authorize SciTech Hands on Museum to copyright, use and publish in print and/or electronically. By Agreeing to this statement, I understand that images and video of my child may be included on ads, flyers, website, social media, and other marketing and media materials for the purpose of promoting SciTech Hands On Museum and SciTech Summer Adventure Camps. I understand that SciTech Hands On Museum will not use any image or likeness of my child in any unlawful manner, nor will SciTech Hands On Museum ever sell any photo or video of my child to private or 3rd parties.

Have a question?

For more information please contact us at or call us at
630-859-3434 x230.

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