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SciTech STEM Academy has achieved a reputation for excellence in STEM education. To continue to provide the best educational experience for the children who attend SSDA, we look to our current and former community members for support. Parents, alumni families, grandparents, friends, community members and staff and faculty can all help to ensure a bright future for the school and continuing educational opportunities for our students.

Your donation helps us provide a rich learning environment for the inquisitive children who attend SciTech STEM Discovery. Donations to SSDA help these students in many ways. Gifts help SSDA provide scholarships to children who would otherwise not be able to attend. Giving also provides valuable materials and technology for the classrooms and helps teachers attend conferences and pursue continuing education.

SSDA is very grateful to the many families who give generously to the school every year. Our parents and patrons help to insure a strong school. Every gift is important and deeply appreciated. Each gift makes a difference at SSDA. 

To give to SSDA, please download and fill out the Annual Fund form here.

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