Study the night during the day!
The world has changed over the past 30 years, and so has the sky. Light pollution is now a problem for virtually every student or amateur astronomer. It is rare to find students, at any grade level, who have regularly seen the milky way with their own eyes. Sign up for an in-depth look at an unspoiled night sky in our very own Digital StarLab®, a completely portable planetarium!
Starlab is not included in Aurora’s Harry Potter Festival. You must purchase a ticket for the Fantastical Astronomy Fair separately to attend a Starlab presentation. Presentations run 20 minutes and will emphasize the constellations, star lore, and mythology. To ensure the comfort and safety of all of our guests, there is a limit of 35 people per session. You may select the time of your presentation when you reserve your ticket.

Tips for Guests

  • Your ticket will have a specific StarLab presentation time. Please plan to arrive about 5 minutes before your presentation.
  • There is NO eating or drinking inside the Museum or StarLab.
  • Strollers are welcome in the Fox Motion Park and may be parked inside during StarLab presentations and exhibit exploration.
  • StarLab presentations are floor seating only. Wheelchair accommodations are available.

Should I order tickets ahead of time?

Advanced ticket purchase is recommended! The StarLab capacity is limited and there are only two presentations every hour. Guests who purchase tickets in advance will be able to select their presentation times from the times available. Availability of walk-up tickets is limited to those sessions with openings. Visitors who purchased tickets ahead of time will still need to wait for their StarLab presentation time. Advanced tickets are $9¾.

What if I’m running late?

Don’t worry, your general admission tickets are good for all day! For StarLab presentations, our staff will do our best to get you into a later session though, unfortunately, we can’t guarantee availability. No refunds will be honored for missed presentation sessions.