Situated at the southern tip of the island where two branches of the Fox River meet, visitors enjoy a beautiful vista and the opportunity to observe, feel, and experience scientific phenomena that surround them. The Fox Motion Park is home to five full-body physics experiments.

The most visible exhibit is the forty-five foot fall Wind Wave, which allows visitors to create their own vertical standing waves. Two decorative wind vanes on top demonstrate the wind’s strength and direction.

The Giant Lever demonstrates the power of fulcrums as visitors attempt the ‘Levabit amicis’ spell at different points along a 33-foot pole.

Defy gravity – or rather, alter your ‘centrum gravitatis’ – on the Tightrope Bicycle! The suspended weight allows visitors to ride our bicycle along a metal cable barely two fingers thick.

Master the spell of ‘Hanc in motu navitas’ on the Coupled Swing. Experience the magic push that the 150-kilogram weight lends you as you slow down.

The fixed flywheel mounted on top of the You-Yo gives guests the power of ‘exaltas’ – as much as 2 feet off the ground!

Tips for Guests

  • This is NOT included in Aurora’s Harry Potter Festival tickets. You must purchase tickets for the Fantastical Astronomy Fair separately.
  • Your Fantastical Astronomy Fair ticket includes the Fox Motion Park exploration.
  • Safety is ESSENTIAL! Please respect the guidance of the museum staff.
  • All guests MUST wear closed-toed, closed-heeled shoes (gym shoes)! If you are wearing flip-flops or sandals, you will NOT be permitted to use the exhibits.
  • Bring sunscreen for your visit to the Fox Motion Park.
  • Some exhibits have height & weight restrictions. Users must be 52″ and not more than 150lbs.
  • Strollers are welcome in the Fox Motion Park.

Should I order tickets ahead of time?

We recommend advanced tickets for the advanced pricing benefit! Advanced tickets are $9¾. Tickets at the gate are $15.

What if I’m running late?

Don’t worry, your general admission tickets are good for all day!