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Put your skills and expertise to work for a great cause!

If you have a passion for science and technology, we want you to become a member of our amazing team!

You can make great things happen by volunteering in the following areas:

  • Science Educators
  • Gift Shop Attendants
  • Visitor Services
  • Exhibit Repairs
  • IT Support

Specific Needs

Science Educators

Come and inspire school children of all ages to a lifelong interest in all areas of science and technology.

Visitor Services

Your enthusiasm and friendliness will make our visitors feel welcome and will make them want to come back again and again.

Exhibit Repair Support

Keeping our exhibits in properly working condition will ensure our visitors have the most wonderful experience possible!

IT Technician

Technology is what gives us the ability to communicate our mission with visiting families and school districts. Our technology is a mix of Mac and PC’s. You would coordinate our systems and programs to allow our business operations to run efficiently and effortlessly.

For consideration, please email us and we will send you The SciTech Volunteer Application form. 

Fill out the application and send it to or fax it to 630-859-8692

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