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Let SciTech help you Rocket through your Ranks!



  • Webelos will explore the world of engineering as they have fun building electrical circuits and bridges. Webelos will leave class with a greater understanding of the way that engineers use science to impact and improve our lives every day! This class is designed to meet some of the badge requirements on a scout's path to obtaining the engineer badge.


  • Scouts will learn to use the scientific method to explore their world and find out how it works. Important scientific principles will be explained in a fun and simple way. Webelos will gain understanding of Bernoulli's Principle, how gases move and behave, inertia and atmospheric pressure. They will gain a better understanding of how scientists look at the different states of matter, as well as perform hands on mini experiments and stations to apply principles they learn in class. This class is designed to meet some of the badge requirements on a scout's path to obtaining the scientist badge.
  • If you have any questions about the class content or for more ideas on how to meet the badge requirements outside of the class, please feel free to contact the Director of Education, Concetta Gibson at 630.859.3434 x 228 or via email and she would be glad to help you! 


  • NOTE: These classes are designed to supplement the earning of the scout badges, we provide only a partial requirement for the badges completion.

How to Register

Click here to reserve your day class booking!

For more information, please contact Concetta Gibson, SciTech Director of Education, at 630.859.3434 ext. 228 or via email.

Cost: $15 per Scout.

Book your own classes and dates*

*minimum enrollment of 15 required. Call for details. All classes must be pre-paid.

Don't have the minimum required? Why not collaborate with other dens to make a date of it!

Boxed lunches now available! Make it easy and fun for all. Subway boxed lunches include a 6" sub with chips, a cookie and bottled water for only $5.00  Be sure to let us know how many to include with your group!

Camp-In Overnight at SciTech!

Boy Scout Overnight Camp-Ins: From 6 pm to 9 am

Book a date for your pack(s) or den(s) by calling 630-859-3434 ext. 216
$45 per child and $25 per Adult
Min. Enrollment: 50 including chaperones
Max. Enrollment: 150 including Chaperones

SciTech Overnights feature a whole night full of “Scitastic Fun” ! The Scouts will have a wonderful time!

  • Pizza and Juice
  • Science Activity Tables with “Get up and Do Activities”
  • Late Snack
  •  Breakfast in the AM!
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