Birthday Parties

Themed Birthday Parties

  • Basic Package Birthday Party
    • Includes 12 museum admissions, birthday child and two adult admissions free, 2 hours in decorated party room, Gift Shop discount, a guided Exhibit Exploration Tour through one of SciTech’s interactive museum collections (30 minutes maximum), and open Exhibit Exploration through all of SciTech’s collections.
    • $200, additional child and adult admissions $8 each
    • Add a 30-minute interactive demonstration for $50 (up to 50 people)
  • Deluxe Package Birthday Party
    • Upgrades your Basic package with a Discovery Lab
    • $300, additional child admissions $10 each, additional adult admissions $8 each
    • Children 3 years old and younger will have their lab activity time in our Nano-Vation Lab

Investigate how air, water, Earth, and Sun interact to produce our weather. Discover the power of air, how lightning is formed, and create your own tornado.

Set off our combustion cannon, create elephant’s toothpaste, discover the science behind phosphorescent light and optics, and create a polymer muffin.

Discover our Living Ecology collection of critters and our Freshwater Ecosystem aquarium. Discover the difference between insects and arachnids, and get the behind the scenes tour of how we care for our animals and plants.

Discover the Earth’s surface, the rocks and minerals that make it up, and make your own fossil.

Explore the relationship between electricity and magnets. Create lightning with a Tesla Coil, induce electrical currents and magnetic fields, and create your own magnetic putty to take home.

Design your own flying contraptions and test it in our vertical wind tunnel.

Explore how we hear, discover why sound travels differently through a solid, liquid, or gas, and design your own musical instrument.

Experience the universe up-close in our planetarium and explore the technology of humans in space.

Hold your party at SciTech!

For just $200 reserve A SciTech Party Room for 12 people  for 2 hours, (Parents provide supervision) with full access to the museum and its over 200 Interactive exhibits. (Parental Supervision Required: Our insurance company requires 1 Adult to 6 Children ) Each additional person just $8 each.

  • Bring your own food and decorations. (No Confetti, Helium balloons, Silly String, A $50 cleaning fee will be assessed if they are used)
  • 2 Free Adults included in your reservation!
  • Add an exciting private Science Demo for $50
  • Pizza and Juice: Just $5 per person.
  • Add Cake Just $2 per person.
  • Add Pucker Powder $5/each, Kids love it! (18″ tube)
  • Add Gift Bags for only $5.00 each. (stuffed with fun science toys and candy)
  • 10% discount for all guests in our Museum Store.

Make your Reservation!

Reserve your party room now and make your special occasion even more memorable.  We cater to family reunions, holiday parties, office parties, or any event you can dream up. Customize your event with a private educational science demonstration! SciTech is geared for people of all ages…. the young and young at heart. Would you like to make a reservation?  Call 630-859-3434 x 216 or email